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  1. Neels Basson says:

    Electrical bicycles, makes a big difference in ordinary people’s lifes who don’t have the human power any more to pedal all the way, but still wants to move from point A to B in a greener way!
    Neels Basson – National Department of Transport South Africa, Non Motorised Transport supporting Eco Mobility.

    • Andy Le May says:

      Hi Neels,

      Agreed. I would also like to see many more green cycle routes made available that are away from the cars to make eco cycling more accessible, pleasurable and healthy for all.

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The present of life

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Switching to an EV is giving the present of life to you, your family and the rest of the world. What is becoming increasingly evident is how we are quickly destroying our environment, the very thing that supports our existence.

However, change is happening.  More and more people are waking up and seeing how their actions are contributing to this destruction. The great news is there are many changes we can make in all aspects of our life and change doesn’t have to be painful, in fact it’s actually a lot of fun.

One big area we can easily change is how we travel. Electric vehicle ownership is accelerating very quickly and when you experience one it very easy to understand why. Take a look at the fabulous new electric vehicles in SA. If you want to be able to zip around town and not worry about parking then electric scooters and electric motorbikes drastically reduce emissions, travel time and costs. Cars such as the amazing Nissan Leaf and the stylish BMW i3 are here and when you look at the full cost of ownership then they don’t seem so expensive.

This Christmas think big about the present you really want to give your family and give the present of life.