Zero Heros

Sustainable Living Program

Zero Heroes is a unique programme to drive awareness and adoption of more sustainable living through the early engagement of our future leaders and influencers. By offering university students sustainable personal transport on either a 'zero emission' electric scooter or electric bicycle  - combined with sustainability education and rider safety training - these young leaders will be able to demonstrate the opportunity (including more affordable commuting) of living a sustainable lifestyle.

By empowering the brightest young minds and our future leaders – with the support of select sponsors – the programme aims to accelerate the transition to new ways of working and commuting, among other lifestyle changes.  For supporting brands, it is possible to align themselves with some of South Africa’s brightest talent. For participating students, Zero Heroes offers the free use of an e-vehicle for the course of the academic year.

Basics of the Zero Heroes Programme:

  • Companies sponsor e-scooters and e-bikes that are branded with their logos.
  • Participants are selected based on a number of criteria, but especially proven leadership.
  • Those selected for the programme put down a refundable deposit in order to use the scooter.
  • Students must attend sustainability education sessions and a motorcycle safety course with advanced motorcycle riding.
  • EWIZZ provides education, servicing, support and maintenance for the electric vehicles.

Prospective Sponsors:

Please see attached: Zero Heroes sponsorship.

Interested Students:

Click here to apply to be a Zero Hero.

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