Here are some common questions around our electric motorcycles.

Models and Features

We have three different model types:

These models are followed by a single digit number, indicating the motor size, and finally the battery size, 
i.e. [Model] [Motor] [Battery]

Taking for example, the SPARK 5 N49. This is our retro styled scooter with a 5 kw motor and a 4.9 kWh battery.

The motor size will determine the torque and top speed of a scooter. We offer the following motor sizes*:

  • Buzz: 3 kw, 4 kw or 5 kw
  • Spark: 3 kw, 4 kw or 5 kw
  • Volt: 7 kw or 9 kw
  • Lightning 11 kw or 13 kw

All our batteries use high quality Lithium NCM cells and come in the following configurations:

  • Buzz: 4.9 kWh
  • Spark: 4.9 kWh
  • Volt: 8.6 kWh
  • Lightning 13.3 kWh

*For fleets or large orders, additional configurations may be available.

We can arrange for a test ride within the Cape Town area. Contact us to arrange.

The first thing you'll notice is how smooth the ride is, with seamless acceleration due to the torque benefits of the electric motor. This not only enhances the fun factor but provides practical benefits, such as quicker starts at traffic lights and easier overtaking.

Whilst we're also gearheads and appreciate the visceral sensation of a powerful petrol motor, we're sure you'll fall in love with the quietness that electrics bring to your rides, allowing you to experience more of the world around you.

The performance benefit of electric motors is their instant torque. Smaller motors are suitable for urban riding, whilst if you find yourself on the highways, you'd look on the larger motors and a longer wheelbase for stability.  Please check the specs of the vehicles for their top speeds.

Keep in mind that aggressive riding does affect the range. Stay safe out there!

Charging and Range

The rated range specified with each bike is what riders can achieve with medium paced smooth riding and 55-65 km/h in normal conditions.  But with strong wind, riding harder, harsh braking etc you will get less km's.  So the riding style and environment combined with the capacity of the battery and vehicle power are the key factors.  Below are some examples.







BUZZ 3 N49

4.9 kWh

100 km

125 km

150 km


4.9 kWh

85 km

125 km

150 km

VOLT 9 N86

8.6 kWh

125 km

200 km

250 km

At higher speeds drag increases significantly


13.3 kWh

175 km

300 km

350 km

For example, the Volt N86, with a 8.6 kWh battery, has a real world range of 200 km with a mix of driving speeds around 50-110 km/h. 
Different motor sizes will have a similar range, if they have been driven at the same speeds.

You can charge your electric scooter at any normal 15 Amp household plug point. It’s that easy, just plug in and let it fill. Being able to use household plug points means you need no special infrastructure.

Batteries for our Spark and Buzz models are also removable, which allows charging outside of the vehicle if necessary.

From flat to full typically takes 4.5 hours on a standard South African 3 pin plug (15A).  We have different charger and battery options so please check the specification.  Our battery management and Lithium NCM batteries means you can charge whenever you like, without worrying about damaging batteries through incorrect charging. 

Fast chargers are also available if required.

Our batteries are Lithium NCM (NCM = Nickel Cobalt Manganese) batteries offer a high energy density, excellent safety and long lifespan.  They are rated at 3500 100% cycles to 80% of original capacity. 

The warranty offered with a battery is often a great indicator of it's quality. We confidently offer between five and 10 years warranty, check our individual product pages for more details..

Support and Maintenance

Please check our Warranty page Warranty

Electric scooters have no belts, chains, pistons or gears to wear out and no filters, spark plugs or oils to change and no valves or clutches to adjust.

EWIZZ electric scooters typically need a rear tyre every 10,000, a front tyre at 20,000 km and brake pads every 30,000 km depending on how they have been driven, tyre and brake pad choice. The standard servicing is a fixed price. As part of the servicing our technicians check all the important components of the bike such as brakes, suspension, steering, lights etc.

Our customer service team will either manage your servicing and parts needs or refer you to a dealer in your areas. We offer a low cost collect and return service if leaving your scooter with us is not convenient.  We are constantly building our service dealer network throughout the country and partnering with reputable service centers.

How long will the battery last?

All batteries are NOT the same and there can be a vast difference between the longevity of different batteries.  As the battery is half the price of the vehicle typically, choosing a good quality EWIZZ battery with a good warranty is critical if you want to avoid your range diminishing quickly and having to spend a lot of money on battery replacements.

Our latest battery packs use high quality Lithium NCM batteries that are lab tested at 3500 * 100% DOD cycles to 80% of original capacity. So we expect a rider to get well over 100,000 km from one battery. This is why we are able to offer the longest warranties in the market.  In simple terms, for common usage scenarios, we fully expect our batteries to last the lifetime of the scooter.  Please be aware that this level of performance, longevity and warrantee is not normal in the industry!

All our vehicles come with our telematics with full reporting on battery health , which will allows detection of potential battery problems within your warranty period and before it can lead to any failure.


Our electric scooters are subject to the same license restrictions that apply to other motorbikes in South Africa. To ride an EWIZZ electric scooter or electric motorcycle you need at least a learners or A1 license. This allows you to ride up to an equivalent of 125 cc. 

We can recommend a training team that can take you through all the K53 theory and practical, do advanced training and organise outrides for you to get experience with other riders and road users. Some international visitors get special allowance, if they have a car license, that gives them A1 status.

All our scooters are able to carry a passenger.  However, you are subject to the same license restrictions as with any other motorbike in South Africa. One of these rules is that you are not allowed to carry passengers with a learners licence.

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