Halve your costs with our range of electric delivery vehicles


Our range of reliable, robust long range delivery electric motorcycles and equipment

75-300 km
Max range options *
55-140 km/h
Top speed options
5-10 yrs
Long battery warranty

Charge or Battery swap 

Your EWIZZ can plug in to any normal plug point to recharge.  Flat to full in just 6 hours as standard with higher speed charging options are available.  The BUZZ and SPARK models have Quickswap batteries for endless range.

LIVE is your fleet management tool for monitoring and controlling your fleet.  LIVE is continually monitoring your fleet and alerting you of any issues. LIVE is an option on some models. 

Halve your total cost of ownership

With 10,000 km / 1 yr service intervals, almost zero maintenance costs and ridiculously cheap electric fuel costs your EWIZZ fleet is the most cost effective transport option by far.  Typically ROI's are 3 yrs and 100% against petrol fleets.

DASH is your Smart app that supports the riders.  It controls access, shows detailed vehicle information, allows visibility and navigation to other resources nearby and more. DASH is an option on some models.

25,000 km a year

Cumulative Rands per year. ex vat

Divide your fuel costs by 7

The difference in your energy costs to run an EWIZZ vs a petrol bike is just ludicrous and compelling.  You can divide what you pay in fuel by 7 and that is roughly what you'll pay in electricity to run your EWIZZ.

Less than half the total cost

Looking at the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (Vehicle, Servicing, Maintenance and energy) tells the real story of running an EWIZZ electric vs a petrol fleet.

Because EWIZZ electric motorcycles require very little maintenance and electric fuel is around a 13% of the cost compared to petrol vehicles, the savings are significant.

Your EWIZZ only needs a quick service every 10,000 km, or every year, and servicing requirements on an EWIZZ is minimal.  So your EWIZZ spends only 15% of the time in the workshop compared to a petrol bike.  Meaning your EWIZZ spends more time on fleet working and less in the workshop.

25,000 km a year

Cumulative Rands per year. ex vat

Minimise servicing

Hub motor simplicity
With an EWIZZ, your drive train uses a sealed HUB motor for propulsion.  This is mounted in the rear wheel and needs almost no maintenance.  So now you have no chains or belts to adjust and replace.  EWIZZ electric motorcycles are just "twist and go", so no clutches or gears to wear out either.

Regenerative braking efficiency
An EWIZZ has Regenerative braking.  This means when the rider touches a brake the motor turns into a generator and whilst slowing the motorcycle down it puts energy back into the battery, thus extending range and not using the brake pads. Riders can "ride the brakes" either, so Brake pads typically last 10 time longer.

Less service parts
There are no oils, oil filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, starting batteries etc. Almost none of the normal service parts are needed. You do still have to change tyres and do some basic stuff like clean the brakes, lubricate brake levers, and check bearings, bushes and seals at service time, but its pretty simple and inexpensive.

Fit any box

Tilt and lock cargo platform
The EWIZZ cargo platform is designed to allow any box on.  So you can use our 90L insulated and locking Cargo box or fit your preferred box.  Either way it is super easy to fit and gives you flexibility.

The cargo platform is designed to keep the weight forwards to improve mass centralisation and stability.  The cargo platform has a tilt-and-lock mounting mechanism to allow access to the underseat compartment.

The Cargo platform is interchangeable with the two seat passenger grab rail, making a dual role, or 2nd life possibility, as a runabout very straight forward and cost effective.

Amazing battery warranty

With our long 5-10 year battery warrantee, when you choose EWIZZ you know you get a battery you can rely on.  To prove your battery health EWIZZ LIVE telematics is continually monitoring your battery health and every cell in your battery, even when its not in the bike.

As your battery is typically half the price of the bike, with EWIZZ you get peace of mind that you have a high quality product that is built to last and ​won't let you down.

Recharge simplicity

Normal Plug point
The Smart charger plugs into any wall socket.  The bikes charge by plugging directly into the bike or with the SPARK and BUZZ models the battery can be quickly removed/swapped and charged somewhere convenient.

High Speed Chargers
RAPID (1 hour) and FAST (2 & 3 hour) chargers are available.  The RAPID charger requires a dedicated high power socket where as the FAST chargers can use a normal plug point.

Battery station
For those wanting more control over their removable batteries we can provide a battery swap station that securely, charges, manages and distributes the batteries.  Drivers use the EWIZZ DASH app to securely access the BATTERY STATION.

LIVE Smart fleet monitoring platform

Smart fleet system

See a dazzling array of information on your vehicle with the LIVE telematics platform. With alerts, history and live data, LIVE gives you fabulous insight into your vehicles usage and battery health.

The LIVE telematics system continually monitors the health of your battery and vehicle.  LIVE monitors system components including every cell in the battery pack to ensure your pack is performing as it should.  It logs and analyses vehicle data and will inform you and us of any issues.

LIVE is an option on some models.

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Smart dashboard App

Unlock and lock your bike, your seat and your Smart top box as well as see live information such as Range, State of charge and much more.

DASH is an option on some models.

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DASH - Smart Driver App
Any of our electric delivery scooters and motorcycles can be used as parcel delivery vehicles, however, the most cost effective for short distance low speed food and parcel delivery is either the BUZZ 2 or BUZZ 3.  If you need higher speed then we have the BUZZ 4 and higher.  For freeway usage and for longer range requirements we would recommend the VOLT 7 or LIGHTNING 11 models.

We can also offer bespoke configurations for fleet orders. Below is a summary of main features of our the most popular electric delivery scooters and motorcycles for fleet operations.

BUZZ 2 N30

R 44,995

inc VAT

Buy, Finance, FML

  • 55 km/h Top Speed
  • 60 km Typical Range *
  • 75 km Max Range *
  • 5 yr battery warranty **
  • 2 kw power (3.5 kw peak)
  • Quickswap 3.0 kWh battery
  • 500W charger
  • 6 Hours recharge ****

BUZZ 3 N49

R 54,995

inc VAT

Buy, Finance, FML

  • 70 km/h Top Speed
  • 100 km Typical Range *
  • 125 km Max Range *
  • 5 yr battery warranty **
  • 3 kw power (5 kw peak)
  • Quickswap 4.9 kWh battery
  • 800W charger
  • 6 Hours recharge ****

BUZZ 4 N49

R 64,995

inc VAT

Buy, Finance, FML

  • 80 km/h Top Speed
  • 100 km Typical Range *
  • 125 km Max Range *
  • 5 yr battery warranty **
  • 4 kw power(6.5 kw peak)
  • Quickswap 4.9 kWh battery
  • 800W charger
  • 6 Hours recharge ****

VOLT 7 N86

R 134,995

inc VAT

Buy, finance, FML

  • 110 km/h Top Speed
  • 150 km Typical Range *
  • 200 km Max Range *
  • 8yr / 80,000km battery warranty ***
  • 7 kw power (11 kw peak)
  • Fixed 8.6 kWh Battery
  • 2000W charger
  • 4.5 Hours recharge ****

* Range will differ depending on riding style. Typical Range is tested with conservative riding in a mix of relevant urban environments.  Max Range is  tested at 50 km/h.
** 5 yrs / 50,000 km battery warrantee (5 yrs/unlimited km in battery swap environment).  Battery warrantee is given in Years and Mileage and expires when either limit is reached.
*** 8 yrs / 80,000 km battery warrantee.  Battery warrantee is given in Years and Mileage and expires when either limit is reached.
**** Faster 3 hour, 2 hour and 1 hour charging options are available.  Some require a dedicated high power power point.

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