This is where some of the magic happens! We offer clean technology product and solutions development.  Below are just a few examples.

UPS development

Design and development of a battery based UPS system.  This includes integration and control of all system components including a Victron power inverter, Smart BMS, solar MPPT, information screen and telematics.  

Electric Vehicle Management Unit

EVMU is a vehicle control management unit development.  It allows complete and individual control and integration of EV components using CANBus and direct integration link

Golf cart docking system & App

Development of a mutliple Golf Cart docking and energy exchange system to a main building UPS and Solar system.  Development of supporting and controlling App.

Golf Cart battery

Design and build of a new cost effective and high power Golf cart battery system with Telematics.  Development of a Fully waterproof battery box, short circuit, over current, over voltage protection and High power requirements.

UPS development

We ran the technical design, build, test and support of various prototype units for a home and business UPS system for Sunship.  We specified and selected all the electronic and electrical systems and components.  We developed all the internal firmware and integrated the hardware elements and loom production.

EWIZZ worked closely with the Sunship team on the design, layout, structural components and casing.  We helped Sunship throughout the R&D phase as Powerbox went through development iterations and we supported the field testing, upgrading and further development units.

POWERBOX was integrated into EWIZZ LIVE telematics platform to allow both remote monitoring but also remote management and control to enable a usage based customer acquisition model.

Golf cart docking system & App

The challenge was to allow multiple Golf carts to dock and undock with a large multi-UPS building system.  The system had to allow up to 10 kw bidirectional powerflow between the Golf cart batteries and building system running a golf club complex.  This all had to be safe, controllable and monitorable by a master app.

We had overall responsibility for the project and worked with the MLT and Balancell Teams to understand the technical elements of their products.

We designed and developed the interlock power and control interfaces to allow the safe Docking and undocking of the Cart, even allowing safe rapid disconnection of a vehicle either taking or delivering up to 10 kw of DC power without damage to any of the components.

We designed and developed the app that would read data from both systems and allow remote control of system parameters such as charge rates to allow dynamic balancing of system loads and direction of energy flow.

Golf Cart Battery

Designed from the ground up as an internal product for us to offer to the Golf cart market in partnership with Melex electrovehicles.  The challenge was to create a cost effective drop in replacement lithium battery for Golf carts.

We designed the box and supporting components, and designed and specified, integrated and tested all the electronic components.  The battery is integrated into the EWIZZ LIVE telematics system for monitoring and management.

These batteries are a 5 kWh packs but can handle up to 450A max load.  We have been testing them in golf carts with high power hill requirements and they have been running flawlessly for over 3 years. 


Development of an Electric Vehicle Management Unit (EVMU), a comprehensive vehicle management unit prototype.  EVMU integrates, connects and powers many components on and EV.  It has multiple communication interfaces, many direct control interfaces and many direct inputs.  EVMU allows firmware control and integration of most systems on an EV.

It has configurable mobile, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity including GPS.  It has accelerometers to determine driver behaviour and vehicle status, and audio inputs and outputs. This allows the smart monitoring and management of an EV and it's systems.

The EVMU prototype circuit boards, firmware, and enclosure were built and designed into a working prototype.

Spec sheet on EVMU is available here.

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