Your Smart fleet management system providing detailed vehicle data and control 
with live status of key systems and history on any computer or mobile device.

Fleet customers

Your LIVE fleet management system is available for all 2022 and newer models and is included with many EWIZZ models.

Fast problem solving

Diagnosis of issues when they occur is so much easier when you have the history of what lead up to it.  With LIVE there is no need to spend days trying to simulate the issue conditions, the data is there!

Prove your savings

 LIVE logs all your journeys, the energy used for those journeys and the routes taken.  So it is simple to see your costs, emissions and savings from the LIVE dashboard. 


With a full log of your vehicle and battery data there is no guesswork.  LIVE can see exact usage of each vehicle and battery even if they are our Quickswap units.

Integrate into any system

LIVE can be integrated into many systems not just our vehicles.  Our small waterproof telematics units have a backup battery, digital inputs and outputs and CANBus, Serial, RS485 and 1-wire comms.

Local control

We support encrypted Bluetooth connections.  This allows LIVE running on a bluetooth enable device to communicate locally when there isn't internet or mobile data connection.

Driver behaviour

We are able to monitor and report Eco and good driving.  We are also able to warn drivers of over speeding and bad driving, including ramping, harsh braking and hitting potholes. 

Full vehicle data

See detailed data from your vehicle or integrated system, including current location, state of charge and much more.

Early issue identification

With detailed information and history, such as the status of individual battery cells, temperature readings and more, LIVE can help identify issues before they lead to failures.

Run on any platform

LIVE is a Progressive Web App, which means it is designed to run in a browser environment.  So you can run it on pretty much any major platform.  From Desktops to Smart phones.

Cloud API

Need access to fleet data in your billing and job allocation system, no problem.  The LIVE Cloud API gives you immediate access to all your data!

Track everything

We provide a GPS capability in our telematics units to monitor the location of all assets.  For LIVE that means batteries, vehicles and charge stations and more. Remember, LIVE and our telematics can integrate in any system.

Remote control

Support both gathering data from a remote system and also sending data and commands to the system.  For us we use it for Vehicle access control but it can be used for any active control reuqirements.

Geofencing support

We are able to support only allowing vehicle operations within certain boundaries.  Whilst in most cases we would trigger an alert, we can configure connected systems to lose power and even stop.

Welcome to Smart Fleet management


LIVE gives you detailed information and control of your fleet that you can access it on pretty much any device. 

LIVE is adaptable to work with a wide variety of Edge devices as well as our units.  These Edge devices just need to be able to authenticate to our server to start to send data and receive commands.  So it can be flexibly applied to a wide range of tracking, management and monitoring requirements.  We use it for tracking, monitoring and controlling of EWIZZ vehicles and for managing our customers assets.

LIVE can run on basically any common hardware platform, PC, Mac, Smart phone, tablet etc.  It can run in a browser or as an install app.  It does not need to have internet access to read and control local devices as once a use has logged on it caches authenticated users credentials and can then communicate directly with our devices via an encrypted Bluetooth connection.  Our customers use this for access control to their vehicles.

System overview

Here are the main components of our Smart Telematics system, how they interact and how they communicate.

Take a look

Here's a few screen shots from LIVE showing some of the main functions.

Fleet dashboard

See key status alerts and summary data in one place at a glance.  Reports can be interrogated further and can be added tailored to suit specific requirements.

Fleet map view

All vehicles location live in one place with Alerts shown on the map to allow drill down into a specific deice.

Device summary

See at a glance the status of your fleet and any Alerts that need your attention.  Such as accidents, low batteries and over speeding.  See range data, current odometer values and more.

Device detail

See key information about a device in one place and then drill in for more details.  Summary panels can be added and removed from the user interface.

Device map expanded

See in detail each trip made and summary information about that trip.  Trip information overlayed on the map includes driving behaviour such as speeding, max speeds etc.  Energy usage, distance ,average speed for a trip is also shown.

Battery cells status

Critical to every battery's performance and longevity is the health of the cells.  A full history of the performance and health of each cell is recorded which allows us to gauge the State of Health of the battery and thus manage warrantys.

Battery SOC history

Seeing the exact State of Charge is critical to estimate range for a vehicle.  It also show charge and discharge rates, driver behaviour and uptime vs downtime.

Asset control

LIVE allows direct control of devices both locally through an encrypted Bluetooth connection but also via a secure mobile link.  LIVE can send either direct digital outputs or can add communications to a data bus e.g. CANBus, RS485, 1-wire bus or serial connections.


Smart dashboard App

Unlock and lock your bike, your seat and your Smart top box as well as see live information such as Range, State of charge and much more. DASH is designed to work with one vehicle at a time to provide a Smart Dashboard.

DASH is built on top of the LIVE system infrastructure and is extendable to support specific user and Fleet requirements.

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DASH - Smart Driver App

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