About Us


To drastically accelerate the adoption of clean transport and energy technologies


Our focus is to provide solutions for the adoption of EV's (electric vehicles) and EV technologies in Africa.  We are doing this through offering a range of products including electric motorcycles, telematics solutions and bespoke software and hardware development.  These products are sold directly or through dealers via the EWIZZ brand and are offered to resellers to white label our products through their brand and retail networks.

In short, EWIZZ are:

  • directly offering clean technology vehicles and solutions to customers
  • building a dealer network to sell and support our products
  • enabling resellers to get to market quickly by offering white label options
  • enabling companies with other clean tech to use our technologies in their solutions
  • developing bespoke clean tech solutions

EWIZZ was started in 2012 and is a registered vehicle MIB (Manufacturer, Importer & Builder) and motor dealer.  EWIZZ head office and workshops are in Cape Town and we sell and support our vehicles and technology in Southern Africa directly or through our dealers & resellers.

Electric vehicles simply offer a more cost effective and clean transport technology for city and urban environments. They are significantly more energy efficient, they produce no local emissions and require very little maintenance. For too long we have only had petrol and diesel based vehicles that are expensive to run, pollute our environment, affect our health. But all this is changing rapidly throughout the world and not just for environmental reasons.  With our typical ROI's in the 100% / 3 year space our EV's fundamentally make business sense.

However, not all EV technology is cost effective, robust and reliable.  With our extensive history, experience and in-depth technical ability, we know the technologies that work and last and have our customers to prove it.  Hence, we offer the best motorcycle battery warrantee in the market. Typically EWZZ customer will find that their battery will last the life of the bike and be usable in 2nd life applications after.  We are focused on electric motorcycles for urban environment for use as runabouts, for commuting and for delivery fleets.

EWIZZ has a strong R&D component and has internally developed a flexible telematics solution that is included with every EWIZZ vehicle.  This give us an amazing insight into the technologies we are deploying and allows us to support customers in a timely and intelligent way. This product is also integrated into other EV and tech environments where customers need real time control and monitoring of their complex systems.

Deployment of our clean technologies improves our collective health, productivity and our international competitiveness and we believe moves us forward together.


Andy Le May

CEO & Founder

Andy is passionate about providing technologies that drive sustainability, benefit humanity and that make financial sense. Andy has an honours degree in Computer Science and many years of experience in the IT and marketing worlds in startups organisations to multi-national PLC's. With over 12 years in the EV space in South Africa, he has a very clear understanding of the EV market and technologies, what works and what is coming. Andy Founded EWIZZ in 2012 to provide practical, high quality EV solutions to Africa.

Richard Chase


Richard makes things happen and makes things work. He's a live wire that is always on the go. He has a degree in engineering and extensive experience in the aircraft, yachting and engineering industries. Richard learned to fly in the South African Airforce and has run companies and complex production lines, but he's also a qualified rotary and fixed wing engineer, aircraft builder and test pilot.

George Ziady

George is a seasoned IT professional, full-stack developer and Project manager. He has a Degree in Computer Science and many years of experience in leading teams to design, build and maintaining complex IT solutions. George is committed to crafting technology that's as user-friendly as it is powerful. His passion for continuous learning and enthusiasm for technological innovation can be infectious!

Ilunga Kibala

Mechatronics Engineer

Ilunga has been developing technology with EWIZZ for over 6 years.  He has a good knowledge of EV systems and batteries and is passionate about App development, tracking and monitoring. His current focus is on the development of high quality, user interface experiences and integration with telematics. He completed his Mechatronics diploma and is currently finishing his Mechatronics Degree part time with us.

Adrian van der Merwe

Workshop & Parts Manager

Ady is a seasoned biker and motor mechanic with significant mechanical experience in major organisations such as Toyota, Yamaha, and Vespa.  As well as running the workshop for Vespa he has also run his own workshop, taught advanced motorcycling and raced track and off-road bikes. Ady is a fountain of knowledge on all things motorcycle.



After running a Melex Wispa electric scooter since 2010, Andy buys the existing electric scooter business from Melex electrovehicles.


The first EWIZZ electric scooter is sold. A LIGHTNING 9 and the existing stock of "THUNDER 5" bikes are repaired and upgraded.


"EWIZZ Pty Ltd" is formally incorporated and we start the process to get registered as a Manufacturer, Importer and Builder with NRCS, as a Motor dealer with the City of Cape Town and for VAT with SARS.


Install first public charge points for electric motorcycles in South Africa at Darios Cafe in Hout Bay.


SASOL Solar Challenge from Joburg to Cape Town with UCT Solar team.  EWIZZ provides technical assistance, equipment, parts and support to the student team.


Compete in ECO Speed week in Hakskeenpan in Northern Territories.


Development starts on EWIZZ SMART System to remotely monitor and manage all EV system.


Launch of New SPARK MK II with Quickswap Lithium battery pack.


Development of Lithium battery based SMART UPS system with Solar input for Load shedding management.


Development of prototype Clean truck refrigeration unit using BLDC motor and Lithium battery for integration with Solar Charging.


Launch of New BUZZ MKI for commuting and Delivery operations


Development of SMART Battery module for Golf Cart industry


Sign up first Commercial Reseller in delivery space.


Launch of new long range VOLT MKII


New telematics products EWIZZ DASH and EWIZZ LIVE launched.  Telematics included on all EWIZZ bikes.


Sign up first Motorcycle dealer South Motorcycles in Cape Town


Launch of LIGHTNING MKII with 300 km range


Launch of BATTERY STATION for simple battery charging and swapping​.