How come I save so much?

The concept is actually very simple.

EWIZZ electric scooters are super cheap to run and require very little servicing.

The servicing, fuel and depreciation costs of combustion engines vehicles make them much more expensive to own. Our electrics work out around half the per km cost.

The lower purchase price of a petrol scooter is just a way to sucker you in to higher operating costs….  Just like with a cell phone, the real cost is coming later….  Overall petrol scooters can end up costing you twice as much as one of our electric scooters.

There is very little servicing on an electric scooter and it doesn’t need doing very often (every 10,000 km). The only main moving parts in the power production and drive train are the wheels, there are no belts, chains, pistons or gears to wear out and no filters, spark plugs or oils to change and no valves or clutches to adjust. Less servicing means less cost and less trips to the garage.  So more time riding, less faff and more money in your pocket.

Electric scooters do have batteries that eventually wear out. Our latest tech high quality Lithium ion batteries are lab tested at 3500 * 100% DOD cycles to 80% of original capacity. So we expect a rider to get over 100,000 km from one set, that is why we offer a long 5 yr, 50,000 km warrantee and extended warrantees.

The drastically reduced running costs and better residual values simply means electric scooters cost you less.

Electric scooters are much better for our environment and if you can charge off solar then you are completely zero emission.

EWIZZ electrics are the latest super cool clean technology. They are better for your pocket, better for you environment and better for our health.

EWIZZ. You’re electric!