You can charge your electric scooter at any normal 15 Amp household plug point.
It’s that easy, just plug in and let it fill.
Being able to use household plug points means you don't need special infrastructure, and you have around 50 Million places in South Africa to choose from.

Normal charging times (from flat) are 3 to 10 hours depending on the charger and battery combination.
The charging time is dependent on how much is left in the battery [State of Charge], and the capability of the charger been used.
Most of the time the electric scooters won’t be empty, so the charging time is just how much extra you need to put in, just like with a petrol tank. 
As an example, if there is 50% left in the batteries, the charging time will be roughly 50% of the chargers rating, so 2.5 hours to fill for a 5 hour charger.

The EWIZZ on-board chargers are rated with an empty to full charge time.
There are an increasing number of public charging points and points are springing up at cafe’s, restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. These are offered free by the establishments in a very similar model to how WiFi works. This is because it is very cheap to offer charging facilities to EWIZZ electric scooters and electric motorbikes. So with your electric you can travel around and recharge for free.

The growing network of EWIZZ charge points give you places to top-up when you are out and about, extending the range of your EWIZZ electric. Charging is FREE, for EWIZZ customers, when you patronise the establishment that is providing them.
If there aren't any near you then let us know the establishment that would like to offer and let's get them hooked up!

Check out our growing map of EWIZZ charge points.

In Summery

  • Volt 7/9 N86: 4.5-hours on 2kw built-in Charger.

  • Spark 4-5 N38: 5-hours on 12A / 10-hours on 8A Charger.

  • Spark 2/3 N27:  4.5-hours on 12A / 7-hours on 8A Charger.

  • Buzz 4-5 N38: 5-hours on 12A / 10-hours on 8A Charger.

  • Buzz 2/3 N27: 4.5-hours on 12A / 7-hours on 8A Charger.

But how far will it go?
Electric scooter range explained