Urban Policing

Securing your neighborhood quietly.

Stealthy electric motorcycles save operational costs, increase detection rates and zero exhaust emissions. Electric motorcycles just plug into any normal plug point or a high speed fleet charger. This means no more fuel administration. They also need very little servicing and have longer service intervals, keeping your teams on the road.
As electrics are silent and zero emission they can also be used in more environments without detection or disturbance.

Save time, money and our environment

The almost silent and stealthy operational characteristics of electric vehicles are a significant advantage for policing and patrolling operations, and offer an increased range of usages over gas vehicles.
Electric vehicles are used all over the world and are robust and reliable.

Here are some of the benefits for different operations:

  • Undercover – Electric vehicles allow very close proximity to suspects without detection.  Thus, allowing the opportunity to catch perpetrators off guard and in the act.
  • Crowd management – No noise, smoke or heat is produced so these vehicles are safer to use in these situations. Switchable sound generators can be fitted to give a distinctive noise if required.
  • Indoor – Electric vehicles produce no emissions or noise and can be used in enclosed spaces such as warehouses and malls.  They are very controllable at low speed and easy to manoeuvre, often having a reverse function.
  • Community CPID – The low noise impact and zero emission nature of electric vehicles brings the rider closer to the community.  In low speed situations such as shopping plaza’s the rider is able to move slowly in crowded environments and communicate with those around them at all times.
  • Patrolling – Using electric vehicles allows an increased efficiency for patrolling operations.  Where normally an officer or patrolman would need to be on foot, or stop a vehicle, to be able to hear what is going on around them, on the electric vehicle they are able to continually hear and communicate normally.  A electric vehicle is essentially always on so there is no starting and stopping an engine, which means less maintenance.

Electric vehicles make no sound when they are on, allowing the rider to quietly wait and monitor, but respond immediately and silently when needed.

Powering equipment is possible as the electric vehicles have significant amounts of energy available in the batteries.
Items like lights and radios can be run from the battery pack and recharging of equipment is possible.  The space under the seat, or a simple top box, makes an excellent place to put equipment and recharging items.

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