Electric scooters are much cheaper to run

Electric scooters are much cheaper to run because there is a lot less servicing needed. Our customer service team will manage your servicing and parts needs and we offer a low cost collect and return service if leaving your scooter with us is not convenient.

Electric scooters have no belts, chains, pistons or gears to wear out and no filters, spark plugs or oils to change and no valves or clutches to adjust.

EWIZZ electric scooters means great perfomance, lower running costs, long service intervals, super smooth and zero emissions.

EWIZZ electric scooters typically need a rear tyre every 10,000, a front tyre at 20,000 km and brake pads every 30,000 km depending on how they have been driven, tyre and brake pad choice. The standard servicing is fixed price. As part of the servicing our technicians check all the important components of the bike such as brakes, suspension, steering, lights etc.

Electric scooters don’t have many of the wasteful components of gas or diesel engines. This means servicing is at much longer intervals and much cheaper. When you ride electric here are some that you just won’t need anymore:

  • Fuel – Ewizz electrics don’t use gas (petrol) or diesel.  So no more smoke or emissions coming out of the back of your vehicle. This leads to reduced local smog and pollution which is better for our health. Also, we don’t have all the environmental issues associated with the fuel excavation, production and transportation.

  • Oils – Our electric scooters and motorbikes don’t have an internal combustion engine, gearbox or differential oils. They need almost no oils or grease except a little for lubrication of the brakes, bearings etc. Almost nothing in comparison.
  • Filters – There are no air or fuel filters to replace.
  • Gears – Our electric scooters and motorbikes don’t need a gearbox or gears. This reduces weight, servicing and increases efficiency.
  • Belts, Chains, Sprockets – Nope don’t need these either, thus saving energy, servicing and oils.
  • Brakes – The brake pads last much longer because with the electric you now use regenerative braking to slow down most of the time. So instead of is every 6000 km it’s 10,000 km.
  • Exhausts – Electrics don’t have these, so zero emissions coming from your vehicle now and no chance of burning yourself on it!
  • Radiators – Only small amounts of heat are produced by the electric motors and controllers so there is no need for large cooling systems.  Only some of the higher power scooters and motorbikes have small water cooling systems with antifreeze.
  • Starter motors – Electrics don’t need these.  So there is less to wear out and no need to worry about starting issues.
  • Spark plugs – Don’t need these!
  • Clutches – There are no gears, gearboxes or clutches. So no clutch plates or belts to wear out and change.  With ewizz electric scooters the rear wheel is the motor and this is brushless which means nothing wears out.  They just works on magnetism, magic!

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