But how far will it go?

Electric scooter range explained

The average range specified with each bike is what most riders will achieve with normal medium paced smooth riding, it is not the maximum range often quoted by other manufacturers.  The efficiency of most electric bikes is very similar so the key thing to look at is the size of the battery in terms of kWh or how much energy is stores.

For example, Volt 9 N86 has a real world range of 150 km with a mix of driving speeds at around 50-100 kmh. If driven faster at around 100-120 kmh it will be more like 100 km and if driven steadily at around 30-40 kmh it will me more like 250 km.

In town there’s a lot of stopping and starting and our Regen (regenerative braking) helps here. Regen puts braking energy back into the batteries and saves on brake pad wear.
When riding down hills Regen braking can also put some energy back into the battery.

Hard acceleration uses more of power, but the main thing that affects the range is high speed.  This is because the effort required to push the air out of the way gets disproportionately much greater with speed. 

Simply put, the faster the rider goes the more energy is used per km travelled.

For the technical… aerodynamic drag is related to the square of the velocity difference between the air and the bike. Here’s a big difference between electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles. Electrics are basically newer more efficient technology. They don’t waste energy creating lots of heat and noise, or have to overcome engine, gear and chain friction. Particularly at lower speeds, such as in traffic, and with a lot of stop start, they convert most of the energy used directly into motion.   Link to Nasa site

Electric vehicles are around 10 times more efficient at converting energy into motion than internal combustion vehicles.

In Summery

  • Volt 7/9 N86: Average Range 150km @ 70kph / Max 250km

  • Spark 4-5 N38: Average Range 90km @50kph / Max 120km

  • Spark 2/3 N27: Average Range 65km @50kph / Max 85km

  • Buzz 4-5 N38:  Average Range 90km @50kph / Max 120km

  • Buzz 2/3 N27:  Average Range 65km @50kph / Max 85km

Electric scooters are much cheaper to run