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Shark Spotters ewizz to the beaches on their electric scooter

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In August this year the Shark Spotters became the proud recipients of a fantastic ewizz Spark 3 electric scooter generously donated by the City of Cape Town.

Shark Spotters ewizz to the beaches on their electric scooter

Electric Scooter is handed over to Shark Spotters team.
From Left: Donovan Felix (Shark Spotters), Tino Simmerie (Shark Spotters), Stuart Elliot (Melex), Andy Le May (icologie), Lindie Buirski (City of Cape Town), Amy Davison (City of Cape Town), Sarah Titley (Shark Spotters), Monwabisi Sikweyiya (Shark Spotters)

The City of Cape Town’s Travel SMART programme focuses on promoting sustainable transport, which refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment. It includes public transport-oriented initiatives, active mobility (also known as non-motorised transport and including walking, cycling and skateboarding), lift clubbing, low emission vehicles, and building or protecting urban transport systems that are fuel efficient, inclusive, space-saving and promote healthy lifestyles.

Shark Spotters - a little training

Andy Le May from icologie showing Tino the basics!

The City’s Environmental Resource Management Department is one of the implementing departments of the Travel SMART programme, focussing on implementation of SMART Driver training of City staff driving fleet vehicles. In keeping with the objectives of smart driving, the electric scooter, which was used during phase one of the City’s Electricity Savings Campaign, was donated to the Shark Spotters.

We will be using the scooter to move quickly around between our spotting sites, and it will be especially useful to help us beat the main road traffic in the summer holidays! At the same time we will be “green ambassadors”, showing other road users in the area the importance of SMART travel and environmentally responsible driving habits! Thank you City of Cape Town for your generosity!

Shark Spotters First Ride

Getting the hang of it! Practice makes perfect

At the scooter handover, Andy Le May from icologie, a local company specialising in sustainability talks and education, gave us all a quick driving lesson, showed us how to look after the scooter, and explained the real benefits of electric transport solutions over those that use conventional fuel. The icologie team use electric scooters internally.  This year Andy has started ewizz (in partnership with Melex electric vehicles) – to promote electric scooter use all over the country. With zero noise pollution, zero emissions, and running costs of just 5c per km (yes that low!) Shark Spotters are definitely very pleased to be a part of the “green revolution” of SMART travel in Cape Town!

For more information about the City’s Travel SMART programme seewww.capetown.gov.za/travelsmart

For more information about icologie see www.icologie.com

For more information about ewizz electric mobility and electric scooters see www.ewizz.co.za

For more information about Melex electric vehicles see www.electrovehicles.co.za

For more information about the Shark Spotters see sharkspotters.org.za/

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