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Precious Planet

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Christmas is a time for reflection, so here’s some questions to ponder. Is the precious planet that supports you and your families life worth a little space in your thoughts and deeds this Christmas? Have you thought about what a healthy planet is worth to you and what it would be like if it wasn’t? The science is crystal clear and we are not doing enough.

The above is not said lightly. By any measure you choose to look at, we are witnessing and living through the rape, plunder and destruction of our precious planet and consequently most of its inhabitants. Since 1985 we crossed a threshold where we use more resources and natural eco system services (fresh water, fish etc) than are replenished, leading to a degradation in supply the next year. The equivalent in financial terms would be spending more than you earn. So, if you have some savings you could do this for a while, but as your bank account diminishes you can see there is a reckoning coming and for our precious planet that point is coming quickly. Unless we wake up from the marketing stupor we have been lulled into which promotes, what I consider, relatively worthless items, the future is going to be uncertain, dramatic and ugly for most of us. When I say relatively worthless, I am weighing goods and services which promote health, wellbeing, responsibility, justice and equality vs exploitation, environmental destruction, ignorance, egotism, selfishness, extinctions and pollution.

This year, in March, we have seen the first month where the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere has remained above 400 ppm. Many of us won’t understand the meaning of this figure, yet we may have a very clear idea, passion and detailed knowledge of a favourite soap opera, sports team, celebrity, cellphone or dream vehicle. And we have this because this is where we put our curiosity, energy and our resources. But are these things really worthy of your attention? What are any of these things worth vs a viable future for you and your children? See here for some info on why 400 ppm is important.

The prospect of riding an EWIZZ electric scooter may seem like a big step to take, but it’s really easy and has so many benefits. Millions of people around the world are doing it every day and so can you. The EWIZZ team are here to show you how and make learning to ride a blast. We provide and support the vehicles and we introduce you to a community of fabulous people who will help you to learn to ride safely, go on sunday rides, find charging points, pick great safety clothing and much more. In Europe, and many other countries, scooter usage is seen as the coolest form of transport because it is cost effective, clean and convenient. It really is the smartest way to travel.

Riding an electric scooter shows your are doing your bit to drive the change we all need to make, that you realise the issues we are all facing and you care enough to challenge yourself to make the change in your life. EWIZZ electic scooters are great for our precious planet, save you lots of travel time and are amazing for you pocket too. Make a difference, Ride electric.

Wishing our Precious Planet and all of us who live on it a Happy Christmas