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Commute 50 km a day for a year on one tank of fuel

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Hey, hang on, electrics don’t use gas! True.  But what I’m saying is that for the same price as a tank of fuel, for my car, I can commute 50 km to work on my electric scooter for a year!  Yup that’s right, the cost of a tank of gas is the same as my scooters electricity costs for a year.  Crazy eh.  This is the reality of electric mobility.

The maths are pretty simple.  Here goes..

The scooter does around 80 km on a charge and costs around R4 to charge from flat.  So take the R4 and divide it by 80 and you get 0.05c per km.

Now, if you do 50 km a day for say 20 days a month, that’s (20 * 50) = 1000 km a month.  Times that by 0.05c per km (1000 * 0.05) and you get R50 a month in electricity.  Finally times that by 12 months and there you go R600 a year.

And because there are no chains, oils, belts, pistons etc. in an electric servicing is very minimal.  The bits that will wear are the tyres and brake pads and even the brake pads will last longer with regenerative braking.

Update July 2013: With the increase in electricity prices it’s around 6c a km.