Many tourists want to be green when they travel but options for them are often very limited. By offering them a zero emission technology electric scooter they can not only be more environmentally friendly but experience something very different and quite unique that is not available in most of the world.

Electric scooter routeThe ewizz charging map of free recharge points and suggested routes will give them complete freedom to visit pretty much anywhere they would like to around Cape Town and just top up for free at places along the way.

Electric scooters are very easy to ride.  There are no clutches or gears, no oils or chains and they require very little servicing.  To ride you simply twist and go and they have regenerative braking (like the KERS systems in Formula 1) that recovers energy from braking rather than waste it and pollute the environment with brake pad dust).

The scooters plug in to any normal plug point so need no special infrastructure.  The cost in electricity is around 6 – 8c a km and they are silent and completely smooth to ride.  Range is dependant on the model so varies from 40 – 100 km on one charge.  They can recharge anywhere between 8 hours and 30 minutes depending on the model, charging infrastructure and batteries used.  All in all it is a delightful experience to ride one.

Visitors only need an A1 licence and most international visitors are allowed to ride a scooter with their existing car licence.

The benefits for all those involved are:


  • Matching expectation and desire to be green and tread lightly
  • An opportunity to experience driving an electric vehicle
  • Silently and smoothly cruising around Cape Town’s beautiful nature spaces
  • No fuel costs

Charging points

  • Attracting tourists and locals to their space at very little cost (75c – R1.50 per hour per scooter)
  • Very little cost in providing infrastructure to charge
  • A chance to do something positive around the environment

Cape Town

  • Attracting more environmentally friendly minded people
  • Offering a unique experience to tourists
  • Building on Cape Town’s environmental reputation


  • Association of brand with state of the art environmental thinking and technology
  • Positive exposure of brand to local and world wide audience
  • Branding spaces on vehicles and sponsored charging points

If you would like to know more about the Electric scooters for tourists project please contact Andy Le May at ewizz, details are here