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A powerful long range stylish urban commuter and runabout with a screen for extra wind and rain protection. The VOLT electric scooter takes on local and urban commuting. It’s silent, clean, smooth and inexpensive to run with electric fuel. Amazing 8 year /80,000 km battery warrantee giving peace of mind. Choose the model to select power, speed and range you need.


The VOLT electric scooter is great for city and urban commuting. The VOLT electric scooter is super smooth, very reliable and simple to ride, just switch on, twist and go. No starting, no clutches, no gears, no oils and very low running costs. There’s lots of space for your goodies with an under seat box for luggage, shopping or a small helmet and for extra luggage it’s easy to mount a top box on the back.

Running costs

The VOLT electric scooter feels almost free to run with electric fuel costing around 5c a km. That’s not all, low cost servicing and long 10,000 km service intervals means even less running costs and inconvenience.

Low running costs and peace of mind

Low servicing costs, long 8 year battery / 80,000 km warrantee and tiny fuel costs.  Beware, batteries are very expensive, typically half the price of the vehicle to replace, so choose wisely and choose one with a long warrantee.


You can charge from any 15A 3 pin household plug point and you can opportunity charge too. You can charge at home, work or anywhere, all you need is a normal 3 pin plug point.

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Additional information

Weight 159 kg
Dimensions N/A



Max speed


Average range

Max Range

Climb angle


Service interval


Motor type

Battery voltage

Controller amperage

Controller type

Wheel size

Tyre size


Max loaded mass

2 reviews for VOLT electric scooter

  1. Barend

    The VOLT 7 electric scooter is a dream to ride – very smooth and very quiet. Getting going is no hassle, just twist and go. The acceleration is strong and effortless. Handling is light and easy when in town while still providing enough feedback to inspire confidence when on a winding road. Seating is comfortable with the ground easy to reach for shorter riders, but there is also sufficient legroom for taller riders. The windscreen provides ample protection from the wind at higher speeds. It looks great with a modern, sleek and clean design. The reverse functionality comes in very handy when having to move backwards in tight parking areas or slight inclines. After almost 5 000 km’s on the VOLT electric scooter, I still believe it is an absolute winner for back and forth in town or even beating the traffic on a longer commute.

  2. Ferdie Botha

    My 5 years of blissful trouble free experience of riding the electric scooter is actually on the previous model, the Volt 6, which is quite close to the Volt 7 ito specs. But I have ridden the Volt 7 and sent a detailed compararive report to Andy at Ewizz.
    The Volt 7 is truly the ultimate urban commuter, as in up to 70km highway (sustained full speed 115km/h) mixed in with roads of lower speed limits. One way, not yet down too low on battery energy, you will then be where you need to be and grab some opportunity charge for the return trip.
    Ample power for all situations, especially to really fly away from everything at traffic lights. Nimble handling, really solid, quality build and sufficiently fast charging. Being no believer in ‘fast charging’ three hours will give you about 60 km to return from relatively far away. Do not expect to ride from Cape Town to Beaufort West… that is NOT the role of this vehicle. Most people ride most of the time less than 100km per day in the urban environment, and in this role nothing fits more perfectly and (environment-)Responsably!! as personal transport than a solar powered electric scooter. Any scooter bigger and more powerful would be overkill in this role.

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