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Be different and cruise the city in style on a beautiful, clean and quiet EWIZZ SPARK electric scooter. It’s nothing like you have every ridden before, super smooth and just glides along. No one will believe you have really have an electric in your hands. There’s no starting, no petrol and you even have regenerative braking and reverse! Plug in to any normal plug point at home to recharge overnight and your bike is full every morning. At 5c a km for electric fuel and with 10,000 km, or yearly, service intervals, the EWIZZ SPARK electric scooter is ridiculously inexpensive and convenient to run. Plug in for free at an EWIZZ charge point, a friends or work too!  Fabulous 5 year/50,000 km battery warrantee giving you peace of mind that you are buying a quality product that is designed and built to last.

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The beautiful SPARK electric scooter is the perfect city runabout and commuter. The SPARK electric scooter is light, stylish, nimble and super simple to ride. It’s like nothing you have every ridden before, just switch on, twist and EWIZZ. It is super smooth, quiet and very relaxing ride. There is space under the seat for luggage, shopping or an open face helmet. All models have a rear grab rail and mount for mounting a lockable luggage box.

Ride electric and stand out from the crowd. Don’t be surprised if others can’t believe you’re riding an electric!

Charge anywhere

The SPARK electric scooter can be recharged from any household plug point. You can charge at home, work or anywhere you like! Don’t have access to a plug point near your scooter? Not a problem!  With the Quickswap battery and portable Handy charger, the battery can be charged to where you want.

Low running costs and peace of mind

Low servicing costs, long 5 year battery / 50,000 km warrantee and tiny fuel costs.  Beware, batteries are very expensive, typically half the price of the vehicle to replace, so choose wisely and choose one with a long warrantee.

Get the best electric, Get an EWIZZ

Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 1900 × 690 × 1155 mm

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Max speed

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Average range


Climb angle

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Service interval


Motor type

Battery voltage


Controller type

Wheel size

Max Laden Mass

261 kg

3 reviews for SPARK electric scooter

  1. Ernst Conradie

    The Spark electric scooters are exactly what it is advertised for. I have been using them, first the Spark 3 and now the Spark 5, for eight years or more. They are wonderfully quiet, efficient, and take you wherever you wish to go in and around town. I am proud to be part of the future of motorised transport.

  2. Ken

    Absolutely fantastic!!! 6 years on and still rides like a dream. Nippy and agile, squeezes through traffic so effortlessly. Best investment ever! 60km daily commute, saved me thousands. Absolutely loving it!

  3. Anton

    I’ve had a Spark 3 for many years now. Zippy and quiet, it’s perfect for getting around. No hassles finding parking. Very low running and maintenance costs. And environmentally sustainable, especially if you’ve got home solar. Andy from Ewizz provides great backup service (although you’ll hardly ever need this). I love my electric scooter and am amazed there aren’t already more around, although I guess there soon will be. They’re the future.

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With EWIZZ you get a quality supported product and that is why we offer a long warrantee on your vehicle and your battery.  Click here to see the warrantee policy

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