BUZZ Cargo electric scooter

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Get the BUZZ Cargo electric scooter and halve your vehicle operating costs compared to petrol bikes.  Reliable, long range, long warrantees, minimal servicing and tiny fuel costs.  Fabulous 5 year/50,000 km battery warrantee giving you peace of mind that you are buying a quality product that is designed and built to last.

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The new BUZZ Cargo electric scooter is our latest super efficient city delivery bike.

Enjoy halving your vehicle operating costs compared to petrol bikes.

How can the BUZZ Cargo electric scooter be so cheap to run?  20 x less on fuel costs, long 10k km service intervals, reliable proven technology, long warrantees and minimal service items.  You can easily save around R50,000 per bike over 3 years on delivery operations. So even if you managed to get the petrol bike for free it can still save you money to not use it and buy a BUZZ Cargo electric scooter.

Endless range

The BUZZ Cargo electric scooter can be recharged overnight from any normal plug point with the supplied charger.  But for those needing more range in a day our Quickswap battery packs can be swapped in around 20 seconds giving endless range. Spare batteries can be kept on charge at the depot and swapped when needed.  Battery swap stations and higher speed chargers are available for the depot charging if needed.

Low running costs and peace of mind

Low servicing costs, long 5 year battery / 50,000 km warrantee and tiny fuel costs.  Beware, batteries are very expensive, typically half the price of the vehicle to replace, so choose wisely and choose one with a long warrantee.

Cargo box

The tilt and lock cargo box mounting mechanism or normal 2 seater grab rail is included.  The cargo box is an optional extra.  We have two cargo box options (90 L and 108L) to choose from or you can just mount your own.

Get the best electric, Get an EWIZZ

For more information and the BUZZ Cargo electric scooter brochure and fleet pricing send us a message via the contact page or give us a call.

Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 1790 × 700 × 1130 mm

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Max speed

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Average range


Climb angle

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Service interval


Motor type

Battery voltage


Controller type

Wheel size

Max loaded mass

3 reviews for BUZZ Cargo electric scooter

  1. Rich Prangley

    An amazing product. Strong and durable with long range for our busy delivery stores.

  2. Sammy

    Reliable transportation

  3. Ashley Lines

    cant wait to get more!

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With EWIZZ you get a quality supported product and that is why we offer a long warrantee on your vehicle and on your battery.  Click here to see the warrantee policy

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