Precious Planet

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Christmas is a time for reflection, so here’s some questions to ponder. Is the precious planet that supports you and your families life worth a little space in your thoughts and deeds this Christmas? Have you thought about what a healthy planet is worth to you and what it would be like if it wasn’t? […]

Openstreets AtoB Challenge

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On Sunday ,the EWIZZ team of David, Adrian, Jean, Chanté, Lucy and Andy, offered rides on zero emission EWIZZ electric scooters to teams competing in the Openstreets AtoB challenge. This WWF sponsored event challenges team to travel from point A to Point B in the shortest possible time and with the least carbon footprint. This year […]

Pay R1 per litre for fuel. Ride electric

Pay R1 per litre for fuel? Ride electric!

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Tired yet of putting thousands of Rands in your tank each month? Would you like to pay the equivalent of around R1 per litre for fuel and make your fuel bill so cheap it feels almost free. If you do, the answer is to move forward with an EWIZZ electric scooter. “It’s just insanely cheap […]

Earth day 2016

Earth Day 2016 – Be happy & drive the change

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Earth day 2016 How are you feeling about Earth Day 2016? Happy, positive, inspired? Though you might not be feeling it, so much good is happening all around you by so many people. Earth Day 2016 is a time to celebrate the good we’ve achieved and look to what good we can do in the future. Doing good isn’t […]

EWIZZ electric scooter charge points @ Darios in Hout Bay

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EWIZZ electric scooter charge points are now installed at Dario’s Cafe in Hout Bay. Dario & Rosella Mustarelli are very keen to support the move to clean transport and are doing what they can to help encourage customers to ride the latest EWIZZ clean transport technology. The new charge points can charge up to three EWIZZ electric scooters […]

Vehicle 2.0 – keep up

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Electric vehicle technology is the next evolution of the motor vehicle, it’s vehicle 2.0 and the sooner we get our heads around it the quicker we can take advantage of it. Here are just some of the highlights of what is available now. Super efficiency – Equivalent efficiencies of up to 400 km/litre efficiency for bikes […]

Riding clean tech

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I have a very nice red 1000cc Honda Fireblade sportbike in my garage, but since I got the latest Volt 6 electric scooter, at the beginning of this year, I think I’ve used the Fireblade twice, hmm, what’s going wrong?  I love riding the Fireblade! Here’s the 50,000 ft view as to why I think it might be. I live […]

The present of life

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Switching to an EV is giving the present of life to you, your family and the rest of the world. What is becoming increasingly evident is how we are quickly destroying our environment, the very thing that supports our existence. However, change is happening.  More and more people are waking up and seeing how their actions are contributing […]