New VOLT Arrives

EWIZZ launches the new EWIZZ VOLT Mk II electric scooter.

In the commuting and leisure market EWIZZ has launched the new EWIZZ VOLT Mk II electric scooter. The VOLT is aimed at riders wanting more performance and range out of their electric transport.
There are two models available, the VOLT-7 N77 and VOLT-9 N86 which offer 110 km/h with 150 km average range and 120 km/h with 175 km average range respectively. Being electric, these bikes are lots of fun with rapid acceleration and regenerative braking to put energy back in your battery on braking.

“The battery is the lifeblood of an EV. With your EWIZZ VOLT you get a quality battery with an 8 year warrantee” Andy Le May CEO EWIZZ Pty Ltd.

The new EWIZZ VOLT Mk II electric scooter improves on the original VOLT model with sharp styling, LED lighting, Dual Braking system with a 3-pot front caliper, 3-speed/power Mode Settings, and a large digital TFT display.
For peace of mind, the new EWIZZ VOLT Mk II electric scooter offers a long 8 year 80,000 km warrantee on its battery.

The EWIZZ VOLT Mk II electric scooter has a built-in 2 kw charger that allows it to be charged from flat in 4-5 hours from a normal wall plug.  Part charging is also supported so owners can just top up and go!

EWIZZ is dedicated to providing high quality and cost effective electric vehicles to the South African market to help drive both the economic competitiveness of South African and clean up the air we breath.

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