Cutting your Delivery Costs

EWIZZ Launches new bikes for the Delivery market

EWIZZ Buzz-Cargo Range

At the beginning of March 2022 EWIZZ electric vehicles, a company that has been offering electric scooters vehicles for over a decade, launched their latest electric scooters for the delivery and urban leisure and commuting market.

EWIZZ BUZZ Cargo electric scooter is focused on urban delivery of packages and food and is revolutionising the market by offering enormous savings over petrol delivery fleets with the opportunity to halve their vehicle costs over three years (100% ROI).

With the EWIZZ BUZZ Cargo electric scooter, EWIZZ has removed range anxiety issues.

The BUZZ Cargo electric scooter has an average range of 100 km @ 50 km/h (N38 battery), on one charge, which is typically enough for most operators per day.
However, if more range is required, EWIZZ’s Quick-Swap battery technology, allows battery packs to be swapped in 20 seconds. So operators now have the possibility of “endless range” for their fleets.

Even though the EWIZZ bikes seem more expensive, the difference in fuel costs and servicing drastically reduces the overall cost of ownership.
For example, when a delivery operator doing 80,000 km over three years looks at their fuel cost, they find it will be around R57,000 at todays prices. 
Whereas if they ran an EWIZZ BUZZ Cargo electric scooter it would only be R2500 for the electricity to do the same distance.

As a comparison, the total cost of owning and running an EWIZZ BUZZ Cargo electric scooter, including buying the bike, servicing and maintenance for three years is only around R55k + vat. Whereas a petrol bikes total cost will around R110K + vat.

The EWIZZ BUZZ Cargo electric scooter has only a tiny fraction of the servicing requirements of a petrol bike and it has very long service intervals of 10,000 km, which all adds to the savings.

The EWIZZ BUZZ is also available in a commuter version without the CargoBox fitted, allowing for a pillion. Perfect for those quick trips to the shops, beach or restaurant for hassle free parking and zero traffic jams.

“The EWIZZ BUZZ Cargo is a game changer that makes complete business sense.  It really is a no brainer.” Andy Le May CEO EWIZZ Pty Ltd.

Here are some of the benefits of using electric scooters and electric motorcycles for delivery applications.

  • Maintenance – Electric scooters and electric motorcycles need very little servicing and have very few moving parts.  So more time is spent on the road working vs in the shop.
  • Operational cost -Electric scooters and electric motorcycles have a fraction of the operating costs of gas based equivalents.  With equivalent efficiencies if 360 km/l fuel costs are about 5c a km.  High mileage delivery applications are particularly suited to electric vehicles because of their low operational costs.
  • Simply to ride – No gears of clutches to worry about. Just put in the key and twist and go.
  • Quiet & zero emission – Making no noise and smoke is cool. Electric scooters and electric motorcycles are very smooth and easy to ride, so the riders don’t get as tired, leading to less accidents.
  • Environment – More and more people are concerned about the environment and using electric scooters and electric motorcycles is a differentiator that shows your organisation is doing something about emissions and caring for our environment.
  • Fun value – Electric scooters and electric motorcycles are different and unusual.  See below short video domino’s pizza did with a sound generator added to an electric scooter.
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