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A stylish urban commuter and runabout with a screen for extra wind and rain protection. The Volt electric scooter takes on local and urban commuting. It’s silent, clean, smooth and inexpensive to run with electric fuel almost free at around 5c a km. Choose the model to select power, speed and range you need.



The Volt electric scooter is great for city and urban commuting. The Volt electric scooter is super smooth, very reliable and simple to ride, just switch on, twist and go. No starting, no clutches, no gears, no oils and very low running costs. There’s lots of space for your goodies with an under seat box for luggage, shopping or a small helmet and for extra luggage it’s easy to mount a top box on the back.

Running costs

The Volt electric scooter feels almost free to run with electric fuel costing around 5c a km. That’s not all, low cost servicing and long 10,000 km service intervals means even less running costs and inconvenience.


You can charge from any 15A 3 pin household plug point and you can opportunity charge too. You can charge at home, work all you need is a normal 3 pin plug point.

Start living in the future. Get electric!

Additional information

Weight 159 kg


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2 reviews for Volt electric scooter

  1. Jerry Rowles

    The context: I have ridden bikes for over 40 years now, and in recent years that been BMW 1150GS, and owned quite a few Harley-Davidsons. My test ride yesterday can only be described as, “wicked fun!” I love the technology in the motor and brakes, and the acceleration took me totally by surprise. A big thumbs up from me for practical, almost zero carbon footprint, and ridiculously low run-cost commuting fun, and as for the reverse gear…well, I wish that I had had that on my Harleys! Smooth, agile ride, with nice breaking. Riding in silence is awesome too as you get to hear everything around you.

  2. Fer4die Botha

    A two wheeler since age 4 and an excusive bike rider (the car sits in the shed for months at a time) I have recently taken, in my humble opinion, the final ultimate step towards urban transport freedom – the Volt6F electric scooter. In three words it is a traffic dragon slayer of note. Small and very agile yet powerful enough to run far away from all but very aggressively speeding traffic, silent, vibration free and running cost would be almost zero since it is charged on solar energy. If there would be a few consecutive cloudy days and I run out of charge, I will revert to the most efficient fossil bike in my stable only until the sun shines again. To me it does not make much sense to run an electric vehicle on Eskom’s dirty coal based energy, the ultimate pollution would be very similar to simply burning petrol in an efficient ICE bike. Highway use in the left lane is accessible by virtue of the 110’ish top speed.
    My only two gripes – the under seat space is too small to take a helmet so I had to fit a top box. And… being used to the stability and comfort of proper motor cycles… the wheels are too small. The scooter would even look better in my opinion with at least 15″ wheels. I would actually rate it 4.5 stars, but the resolution of the star scale does not allow halves.

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