Thunder electric motorbike


The sporty Thunder electric scooter takes on urban highway commuting and sports recreation. Max power feels like 250-300cc bike , Av Range 120-165 km, max speed is around 100-115 km/h. The exact figures depends on the particular model. Thunders are quick, agile, silent, electric smooth and its fuel costs just 5c a km.

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The sporty Thunder electric scooter is great for city and urban highway commuting and sports recreation! The Thunder electric scooter has sharp lines, great handling and is simple to ride, just switch on, twist and go. No starting, no clutches, no gears, no oils and virtually no servicing. The stealthy Thunder electric scooter is super smooth and quiet to ride. The exhilarating whoosh of silent electric acceleration is hard to describe but it feels very cool!  The Thunder electric scooter has a large space under the seat for luggage, shopping or a helmet.

Model range

We have a range of models to suit your needs. The models have different characteristics in price, top speed, range, battery life, weight, charge time and power. Choose the model which one suits you.

Running costs

The Thunder electric scooter feels almost free to run with electric fuel costing around 5c a km. That’s not all, low cost servicing and long 10,000 km service intervals means even less running costs and inconvenience.


You can charge from any 15A 3 pin household plug point and you can opportunity charge too. You can charge at home, work or any EWIZZ charge points.

Start living in the future. Get electric!


Additional information

Weight 159 kg



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