Nothing for Christmas

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 “Nothing for Christmas”

In Christmases far, we’d go out in our car, and pollute the air that we breath.
We must have been crazy, to make air so hazy, this lifestyle we needed to leave.

Twas bad for the health, of Santa and elf, giving presents was making them ill.
“A change we must make, or our planet we’ll break”, big shoes we needed to fill.

But now we drive clean, in an electric machine, no longer leaving a cloud.
We ewizz all around, no trace to be found, of this we surely are proud.

To start made us queasy, but really ’twas easy, and now we all breath fresh air.
So Christmases past, were thus not our last, as for Earth we started to care.

In this festive time, we share our small rhyme, in the hope of touching your soul.
What you choose is key, to help others to see, leaving nothing is surely our goal.

Happy Christmas
from EWIZZ

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  1. Eric Padua says:

    Nice one mate! Merry Christmas

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